Panerai Pam00968 Fake Watch

Fake Panerai Submariner PAM00968, Big And Heavy

Panerai is a brand with ups and downs. In just a few years, they became the pinnacle of the game. Unfortunately, we saw the decline of the fake Panerai brand. So the question is why we see this shift. This is Panerai PAM00968 bronze. To me, this watch is a model of everything. Let me explain today.


Fake Panerai Pam00968 Watch

Panerai is known for making large watches, and Panerai Submariner PAM00968 is no exception. When you first pick it up, you are immediately hit by its package size. Because Panerai Submariner PAM00968 is both big and heavy. This watch weighs 165 grams without a belt. For reference, the Rolex Submariner case weighs only 79 grams without a bracelet. The case of fake Panerai Submariner PAM00968 is made almost entirely of bronze. This includes the classic crown mechanism, which uses a bridge to keep the crown in the closed position. This bronze metal will oxidize over time, creating the impression of rust and corrosion. This is a slow process, and Panerai’s watchmaking process is unique among watches. Although this watch is almost new, we have already seen some signs of fake Panerai appearing on the surface.


The iconic K-shape measures 47 MM high by 16 MM and the lug width is 26 MM. It’s a big lug. However, the lugs under the lugs gradually taper. The design of the case helps to reduce this large size and tends to make the strap better wrapped around the wrist. No doubt this is a big watch. However, I was a bit surprised at how well the watch was worn. You know this is not a watch design for a typical corporate office environment. Too many cuffs won’t fit this fake watch. Panerai Submariner PAM00968 is a dedicated watch that is more suitable for use on the beach or in any casual T-shirt environment. And I think this green silicone strap with the warm tone of the bronze case exudes that casual atmosphere.


Panerai Fake Pam00968 Watch

I think it is interesting that fake Panerai chose to use a frosted ceramic disc as the bezel. I mean I personally like ceramic bezels. In my opinion, this is actually one of the best methods, both in terms of action and completion. However, it seems a bit strange on elements that are so resistant to bronze and ceramics. This is not a material that will fade or show any signs of aging over time. But the bezel looks like new. The ceramic bezel wraps the dial well, and both are finished in a similar brown tone. We see that the matte texture of the watch surface is very good. In use, this helps to completely eliminate any reflections, thereby improving the clarity of the surroundings.


This is a relatively simple dial. At three o’clock, we have a clear date window. For me, this is a clean and tidy dial that blends into the watch design. And the date wheel matches the color of the dial. And the fonts of numbers and words match. The pointer having warm colors but also has a beautiful surround effect. They are all very suitable for the overall appearance of the watch. And I think their hue matches the situation very well.


Panerai Pam00968 Fake Watch

This is a truly readable watch, the best fake watch I have ever seen. Interestingly, although the case is in most cases made of bronze, the case back is actually made of titanium. This is a good touch, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Inside is NO.9010 movement. This is an internal movement that can be found in most new submersibles. It is a self-winding movement driven by a rotor. It operates in two directions, consists of more than 200 components, and beats at a vibration speed of 288,000 times per hour. The balance is fixed by a bridge with double supports on both sides. This is a very unique design. This action allows our handset to move quickly without stopping the second hand. However, we can also stop the second hand and just pull the crown out to the farthest position to adjust the minute hand. In fact, the NO.9010 movement has 72 hours of standby power. And there is incredible 2-second accuracy.

There is nothing to complain about. On average, watches and other specifications, the price of about $ one hundred sixty-five thousand. I can’t say that Panerai Submariner PAM00968 has a good package. Our minds there are many diving or sport watches, they provide incredible value. For example, Tudor (Tudor) black bronze Bay although it may not have a similar case design, this may be a good thing Tudor (Tudor) with similar specifications. It will suit more people and only cost you around $ 4,000. So I think value for money is one of fake Panerai’s biggest problems.

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