Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica Review

Chronometer function of the Omega Speedmaster Racing Replica

How do you use the chronometer function of the Omega Speedmaster Racing watch?

A "chronometer" is a "label given to a watch which has undergone precision tests and received a certificate from an official body (COSC)". That is the quote right off the Omega website. If a watch receives the "chronometer" rating that means that it is extremely accurate - an important function when measuring small fractions of a second.

On the other hand, the "chronograph" is used by simply pushing on the top button on the right side of the case to start and stop the chronograph. To reset the chronograph, you press the bottom button.

It features the Omega caliber 3330, which is a heavily modified version of the ubiquitous Valjoux 7750 chronograph: questionable benefit of the co-axial, lack of mastery and lack of vertical clutch.

My problem with this is that they try to apply a makeover on a cheap movement, while the customer would deserve a high-end architecture for that price.

Omega replica defines a chronograph watch as "complicated watch with a function for measuring short time periods in addition to its function for permanently displaying hours, minutes and seconds." And by "complicated", they don't mean confusing! They simply mean that the movement includes other mechanisms - thus making the movement more "complicated".

By the way, not all Speedmaster watches have the chronometer rating. The Racing model, pictured above, is actually called the "Legend" and it does, in fact, have the Chronograph rating.

In the alternative, I would recommend a The Beautiful Racing Chronograph Watch – Omega Speedmaster Replica. I would also add that No doubt, the fake Omega Speedmaster Racing is a good watch.

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