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Where Replica Watches Are Made?

The variety of original watches copied by manufacturers is enormous. But the brands and watches copied must be expensive luxury items. The rule with replicas is that the most popular and popular luxury goods are most likely to be faked because these replicas sell very well. So you’ll find that Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Breitling and Omega make up a large percentage of the fake watches market. So where replica watches are made?

Where Replica Watches Are Made?

Exact replica Rolex watches commonly retail anywhere from $150 to upwards of $1,000; the latter for high-end fake watches. These knock off watches are made in most cities around the world. The places of origin of fake watches are China, India, Germany, the UK, the USA, etc. Counterfeit goods produced in China are sold throughout Asia. More than 80% of the fake watches being sold on the market and the Internet right now are from China.

Why Choose A Fake Watch Made In China?

More and more people who buy fake watches like to buy made in China, and the proportion of all fake watches made in China is increasing in the market share. Why did they choose an imitation watch made in China? There are two main reasons, cheap price, and high quality.

Cheap Price. China not only has a large number of people, but is also rich in raw material resources. So making a fake watch of the same quality in China would cost cheaper labor and materials. Buyers can then get imitation watches of the same quality for a lower price.

High Quality. Because China has an abundance of human, material and financial resources, it will put more effort into each watch. And China has so much experience in making fake watches that they have mastered the most advanced manufacturing process. The factories that make these fake watches have the most professional and complete equipment and experts. So it stands to reason that fake watches made in China have the best quality.

One more reason to choose Made in China is their comfortable service. Every time I buy a product on a Chinese website, I feel very comfortable and happy.

Keep in mind that people who buy fake watches are not the same people who buy the real ones. They make buying decisions for completely different reasons. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time scouring the Internet for replica watches, you can go directly to this reliable website to buy the best replica watches at a cheap price. Those best replica watches of mine that have made me very happy are from this site.

Replica Watches

How To Choose Dress Replica Watches For Your Suit

A man who has economic foundation and pays attention to taste will also choose a delicate wristwatch to show his charm and identity. There are many new graduates or people who don’t often wear suits who are confused about how to match watches with suits. So this article is for you to solve the collocation problem. Next let’s see how to choose the right replica watches for your suit.

Omega ETA-2836 dress watch

1、Watch Chain

It’s better to choose leather strap with suit. Brown and black are the most suitable colors. Which color to choose depends on the color of your belt or leather shoes. Because there is a simple matching rule, all skin colors on the body should be matched uniformly, and the strap is no exception. Alligator leather strap can reflect your composure. Other leather straps are more suitable for young people. There are exceptions, of course. Some metal straps can also be worn with suits. For example, the most popular replica Rolex Submariner 116610lv.

Rolex Submariner 116610LV REPLICA


Simple dial is more suitable for your suit than complex dial. A simple three pointer is an unmistakable choice. There is another problem with a replica watch with complex functions, that is, thickness. Too thick a watch doesn’t fit the cuffs of your shirt. But some ultra-thin perpetual calendar watches, moonphase watches and dual time zone watches can match suits. For example, replica Rolex Cellini Moonphase 50535.

Rolex Cellini Moonphase M50535 replica

In addition, the color of the dial should not be darker than that of the suit. A light grey suit with a black dial is a strange match. So it’s best not to choose a watch with a black dial. So I suggest you choose a silver or white dial. In a word, the simpler the dial, the better, the thinner it is.


In a formal situation, a round dial is a watch that will never go wrong. Nowadays, luxury watch brands not only have round dial, but also square dial. But a square dial will make you look serious. But the round dial can reflect your steady temperament and modest attitude.

4、No Pure Gold

In formal and elegant places and business negotiation occasions, try not to wear pure gold watch. It’s easy to feel that you are showing off your wealth with the bright gold. But if only some details of the replica watches use gold, you can still choose it.

5、Show Your Watch

This is a small detail for wearing. When you wear a suit and a watch, make sure it’s all out. In general, the cuff of the shirt will cover the watch. At this time, you need to clip the watch on the cuff. In this way, you can make a mature and charming impression on others.

These five details hope to give you the right guidance. But in order to increase the sales of many watch brands, we may see any pictures of watch styles matching suits on the Internet. So we can’t be easily misled. I hope you can choose the right dress replica watches after reading this article.