8-year warranty of IWC


Fake Individual IWC,”My IWC”

A big thing happened to the IWC under the Richemont family in November. That is, the fake individual IWC launched the “My IWC” plan. Let’s learn a few things about “My IWC”.

Fake Individual IWC My IWC


Swiss Watch Brand Warranty


Before talking about the “My IWC” service, let us summarize the warranty period of the Swiss luxury watch brands. Rolex’s warranty period has been extended to 5 years from 2015. Omega has a warranty of 2 to 4 years depending on the watch model. Breitling is the first brand with a 5-year warranty in 2012. I won’t say every other brand. Moving on to the topic-“My IWC”.

IWC Warranty

Fake IWC

When most watch brands extend their warranty to five years, Fake individual IWC’s warranty is still two years. So it will definitely cause some watch buyers who are concerned about the warranty period to give up IWC. To my surprise, the “My IWC” plan launched by the Richemont family directly extended the validity period of 2 years to 8 years. This plan will take effect on December 9, 2019. Therefore, IWC has become the first watch brand with an eight-year warranty, which has suddenly improved the status of IWC.

Preparation For The “My IWC” Plan

Personalized IWC As a watch brand with a long history, the idea of ​​”My IWC” is certainly not suddenly thought of. Everyone should know that the development time span of each function of high-end watches ranges from 1 to 15 years. The Richemont family also made a lot of preparations before the launch of the “My IWC” plan.

Fake Individual IWC Probus Scafusia

Since 1903, the Latin word “Probus Scafusia” has been the brand’s purpose. This means that every fake individual IWC watch has extraordinary technology and superb craftsmanship. More than 150 years ago, Florentine Ariosto Jones had a vision when starting the IWC brand. He tried to combine traditional Swiss handicrafts with advanced American manufacturing methods. Then successfully made IWC far more industrialized than other brands.

Replica IWC's new watchmaking center

2018 is the 150th anniversary of IWC. This year, IWC’s new watchmaking center in Schaffhausen, Switzerland was completed and put into use. This is the first time that IWC has concentrated the case, the original movement and the assembly in one room. In addition, the office is close to the production hall. Communication and coordination between different departments are very fast and convenient. This year IWC appeared the 150th-anniversary special edition fake IWC IW505002 to Pallweber.

Only after being fully prepared can the “My IWC” plan be implemented smoothly.

Benefits Of The “My IWC” Plan

November 19, 2019, Since the release of the “My IWC” news, I am very jealous of people wearing IWC watches on my wrist. Not only the watches purchased after the official announcement on November 19, 2019, have the “My IWC” service, but the fake watches retrospective two years ago will do. IWC’s eight-year warranty also attracts a large number of new buyers.

 IWC replica

The 8-year sale means that buyers will stay in touch with IWC for the next 8 years. 8 years is enough for an average IWC buyer to become a loyal IWC fan. At the same time, loyal buyers will bring more transactions to fake individual IWC.

After registering as a “My IWC” member, you can not only have an 8-year warranty but also get news of new products in advance. Members are also very likely to be invited by the IWC to visit the watch factory in the Swiss headquarters. In fact, members will trust IWC more during the visit, which is also an effective way for IWC to promote itself.

“My IWC” plan will definitely provide more convenient activities for buyers in the future. I have to say that the “My IWC” plan is a win-win plan. Not only will more buyers fall in love with the IWC brand, but fake individual IWC will also gain more benefits.

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