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How to Buy a tag heuer & How to Spot a Fake

Fake or Real tag Heuer Monaco

I found a tag Heuer Monaco and am curious as to how to tell that it may be real and not a replica. I also was given a Seiko as a birthday gift. It was given to my brother in law by his father as a gift. He didn’t like it because of its weight. The Rolex I have is fairly light. I was told they were heavy for a Rolex. Not sure what to think. Can you assist?

Replica watches have become every watch collector’s greatest fear. Today, they are more widespread and more convincing than ever. When it comes to identifying fake TAG Heuer watches, we must stress that the only failsafe method is the inspection by a certified watchmaker. Buying the timepiece with its original box and papers can also go a long way towards peace of mind. However, before reaching out for final authentication, there are certain telltale signs that you can look for on your own to help you weed out any TAG Heuer copies that you come across.

The movement inside may provide many helpful clues to weed out replicas – not just the quality but also the precise specifications can be compared to what should have come out of the Heuer factory. who knows this particular watch, you kind of notice that something’s wrong, because the bezel is a flatter angle and much wider, on the back a number of them will come with automatic or mechanical movements. I’m sorry but they’re usually an Asian built replicas movement and they actually are mechanical and they look almost exactly like, but one of the things I’ve noticed is that on some of them this little screw over by the smaller gear here is missing.

exterior difficult to distinguish the Tag Heuer replica watches



How to Buy a high-quality Rolex replica

Is it possible to buy a good Rolex replica from a reputable dealer? Are the grade 1 replica watches a good working watch that will last for years to come? Thank you for your time, Rick from Seattle

I often see people ask questions on the Internet.

That is an interesting question. I think the key is trying to find a “reputable dealer”. Consider the fact that the manufacture and distribution of Rolex replica watches is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws. Thus, it is hard to imagine a dealer actually being “reputable” since they already know they are engaging in illegal activities.

You would be hard to find a dealer that stays in the same place or has the same website up and running for more than a few months, not to mention a few years. My personal recommendation if you really like the look and feel of Rolex watches is to shop for a Rolex replica swiss made or high-quality watch that may be more affordable than a new one. Here is a link you might be interested to see what you can find: Rolex Replica Watches (more…)