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Different Styles Of Replica Watch Brands, Rolex VS Hublot

Rolex is often compared with brands such as Omega and IWC, which have a long history. In the past ten years, as Hublot grew, more and more people began to compare Rolex and Hublot. Then this article compares these two different styles of replica watch brands.


Different styles of replica watch brands Rolex with Hans WilsdorfDifferent styles of replica watch brands Crocco with Hublot

In terms of age, it must be that Rolex is older. In 1905, the young Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex. In 1980, after Rolex had a large number of fans, Carlo Crocco brought Hublot to the world. The birthdays of the two watch brands Rolex and Hublot are 75 years apart. Hont Watch is one of the most professional replica watch online stores.


Both watch brands have innovations. Let’s talk about them one by one. Five years after Rolex was born, the first watch with COSC certification appeared. Since 1926, watches have a waterproof and dustproof function. And in 1931, Rolex obtained the world’s first patent for a permanent automatic winding mechanism. In the later 40s and 50s, Rolex was committed to developing various professional replica watches. In 1953 the first submariner with 100M water resistance. 1954 GMT Master capable of displaying multiple time zones. And the Day-Date showing the full name of the week in 1956. Of course, Rolex still has many innovations, so I won’t list them one by one.

Hublot means porthole in French. The design of all porthole-shaped cases has become the brand’s signature. In 1983 Hublot released the first watches with rubber straps. Thanks to the special mix of steel and rubber, Hublot rubber straps do not stain or crack due to wear. And this strap contains vanilla to reduce the odor associated with the rubber itself. The big bang of 2005 directly boosted Hublot’s popularity.


replica watch Hublot replica watch Rolex

These two different styles of replica watch brands are completely different. Hublot has focused on fashion since its inception. And Hublot’s sense of fashion is very courageous and innovative. In 2005 Big Bang won the Best Design Award at the Geneva Watch Grand Prix. In contrast, Rolex insists on reliability, classics, and practicality. So Hublot’s style is more diverse.


Because these two different styles of replica watch brands have many styles, the price cannot be compared specifically. So all I can say is that Hublot is cheaper than Rolex because of its quartz movement. But the highest-priced Hublot is more expensive than the Rolex. You can go to their official website to check the specific price. Note that the prices here are market prices and not second-hand prices.

Resale Value

The resale value is the collection value. The design of replica Hublot’s Big Bang and MP is very unique, and they will have resale value. But not every Hublot watch has a resale value. Because Hublot’s history is not long enough, its value is not very clear. And basically every watch of Rolex will add value, but the value-added is different. Overall, Rolex has a higher resale value.

The comparison of these two different styles of replica watch brands is written here. Conservatives choose Rolex, and those who pursue personality and high-profile choose Hublot.