A replica watch is a beautiful accessory and maybe a fashion statement. Or it can be a status sign as well. You have the face of the watch which is the most stylish part of the watch, the face can have diamonds on it can have a picture of Mickey Mouse on it. It is the face you most look at but t is the band that others see. Some of the watches have the most stylish bands.

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There are bands that are gold, silver, platinum or white gold. The men’s bands and the ladies bands differ, the ladies band is slimmer than a man’s band. They have hidden clasps and fold over clasp or buckle clasp. The bands made to be strong but you may catch it on something and pull on it causing the band to break or over time the leather bands if they are not leather the band may become worn a lot faster.

The band is as important to maintain as the face. Maybe even more so because you need the band to hold up the face. There are replacement bands available and unless it is a Rolex replica, the bands are reasonably priced. But every penny you spend on a watch is well worth every cent, keeping them maintained and looking good is easy. Take the replica watch off when you don’t need to wear it like at bedtime or in the shower when you are washing dishes. It will prolong the life of the watch.