What Does The Rolex Replica Jubilee Bracelet Commemorate?

There are four main Rolex replica metal bracelets. One of them is the Jubilee bracelet. But it is also known as a commemorative bracelet. But what exactly is this Jubilee bracelet in honor of?

Commemorating The 40th Anniversary Of Rolex

ROLEX Jubilee replica bracelet

Rolex was established in 1905. One of the founders was Hans Wiesdorf. After the end of World War II, 1945 was the 40th anniversary of the Rolex brand. To mark the 40th anniversary, Rolex designed a new bracelet. This new bracelet is completely different from the previous bracelet.

The new bracelet has 5 links. The left and right sides are large links, and three small links are located in the middle of the bracelet. Then, the three small links in the middle are polished and the large links on both sides are brushed. This bracelet introduced in 1945 is the 40th anniversary of Rolex replica.

Changes To The Jubilee Bracelet

replica ROLEX Jubilee bracelet

The replica Rolex Jubilee bracelet commemorates the 40th anniversary of Rolex. So it is officially named the commemorative bracelet. But the historical Jubilee is still different from the current commemorative bracelet. The style of the design has not changed. But the materials used have changed a lot. At first, the Jubilee bracelet was only made of pure gold. But over time, steel bracelets with stainless steel and gold appear.

Jubilee Bracelet Upgrade

ROLEX Jubilee bracelet REPLICA

Since the birth of the Rolex commemorative bracelet, it has not changed. However, in terms of structure and technology, the bracelet has been upgraded. There are two more important upgrades.

  1. The hollow bracelet is upgraded to a solid bracelet. The Rolex replica Jubilee bracelet has been hollow for a long time. But since Rolex used a 6-digit model, the hollow bracelet was replaced with a solid bracelet. The previous 5-digit Rolex watches replica were hollow.
  2. Replace the buckle. Earlier Rolex commemorative bracelets used a rectangular buckle. The design of the buckle is relatively simple, with the Rolex crown logo printed on it. Starting from a 6-digit model, the rectangular buckle was replaced with a hidden buckle. After that, starting with Date No. 3235 movement, the hidden buckle was replaced with an oyster buckle.

There is another interesting aspect of the Jubilee bracelet. The stainless steel GMT-Master uses only Jubilee bracelets. The precious metal GMT-Master only uses an oyster bracelet. Overall, the Jubilee bracelet is an important family member of Rolex.

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